[School Business]

Our flower school teach how to enjoy seasonal flowers in daily life. Especially the class for making rose bouquet and Christmas wreath are very popular.

[Café Business]
Aoyama Flower MarketTEAHOUSE

Operate three cafes to offer the comfortable and cozy “time and space” surrounded by flowers and greenery.

[spatial design]

Offer not only planning / design / constructtion of commercial facilities, offices, residences and public spaces with plants but also maintenance service.

[Retail Business]
Aoyama Flower Market

Run over 90 flower shops in Japan and France and Online store of which concept is “Living With the flowers everyday”.

[Corporate business]
Aoyama Flower Market

Aoyama Flower Market ANNEX provides order-made service for corporate customers who have needs not easily filled in a retail setting, projects requiring on-site or delivery service, special occasions such as weddings, and more.

Message from CEO

park corporation
flowers for your beautiful times
with creativity and logic.

Hideaki Inoue

Company Profile

Name :Park Corporation
Established :December 24, 1988
Head Office :5-6-26-7F Minami Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo 107-0062, JAPAN
Capital :20 million yen
Representative :Hideaki Inoue, CEO
Business activities :Development and management of flower shop, flower school and café. Planning, interior design and construction with plants.
Sales :10,571million yen (As of December 2022) *including a joint venture
Employees :1,311 (As of December 2022)
Brand & Group :Aoyama Flower Market / 123 stores
 Aoyama Flower Market Online Shop
 hana-kichi / flower school
 Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE / 3 Cafés
 parkERs / interior design planning
 Aoyama Flower Market ANNEX