[School Business]

Our flower school teach how to enjoy seasonal flowers in daily life. Especially the class for making rose bouquet and Christmas wreath are very popular.

[Café Business]
Aoyama Flower MarketTEAHOUSE

Operate three cafes to offer the comfortable and cozy “time and space” surrounded by flowers and greenery.

[Space planning & design]

Offer not only planning / design / constructtion of commercial facilities, offices, residences and public spaces with plants but also maintenance service.

[Retail Business]
Aoyama Flower Market

Run over 90 flower shops in Japan and France and Online store of which concept is “Living With the flowers everyday”.

Message from CEO

park corporation
flowers for your beautiful times
with creativity and logic.

Hideaki Inoue

Company Profile

Name :Park Corporation
Established :December 24, 1988
Head Office :5-1-2 Minami Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo 107-0062, JAPAN
Capital :20 million yen
Representative :Hideaki Inoue, CEO
Business activities :Development and management of flower shop, flower school and café. Planning, interior design and construction with plants.
Sales :6,910 million yen
Employees :730 (As of March 31,2015)
Brand & Group :Aoyama Flower Market / 92 stores
 Aoyama Flower Market Online Shop
 hana-kichi / flower school
 Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE / 3 Cafés
 parkERs / interior design planning